My Poems

The Silk Road

From Xian to Nepal
Via Tibet India, Afghan and Rome
Was built a road
Hundreds of years ago.
My silk route begins
From my heart and reaches yours
Through the words of Poesy.
Xuan Zang traveled to India
And brought scriptures.
My heart is the Pagoda
Where in lie
The sermons of your love.
They speak the legends of learning
The mysteries of music
And the myths of melody.
Xian sends the message
Of peace, and so do I.
The silk road is built
From heart to heart
And connects humanity.

Here we are
At Juong Tuan
Near Beijing watching
A long serpentine mark
On the shoulders of the hills
Known as The Great Wall
One of the wonders of the world!
I call you from here.
Thousands of miles away
You pass a smile,
As always, you say
‘Climb up
Sky is the limit’
And I start
Climbing the steep stairs
Your smiling face
Beckons me from the top
A wonder –isn’t it?

The Morning at Chalthan*

The morning at Chalthan
Is foggy and calm
A crow sits on the public water-tap
The thirsty crow
Knows that the tap leaks
And there is no need to
Go for pebbles any more,
A passenger train rattles down
Tight, plain, tired faces
Jam the entry to the Railway wagons
Some body shouts,”Chaudhary Chai”,
“Garam Chai”.
The super fast moves slowly
People with polysacks on their heads
Move out of the station-
You do not like tea with too much of milk,
I remember.
The sugarcane fields
Are rich with juicy canes.
Should I call you
To hear your sweet voice?

*A Railway station in South Gujarat

Red Salute ,Comrade

The biggest square of the world
Preserves the greatest of its heroes
With clenched fist, raising the arm
The world salutes you ,comrade!

You were not born with a silver spoon
Not in the line of the deadly dragons
You perceived a People’s vision of China
And worked your way through history’s legions

You paved your way through an uneven world
And tried to straighten the wrinkles on its face
It did require heat and force
That too was done with a revolutionary grace

The world requires an uprising a fresh
To put in order the disparities great
To erase from the world Imperialism’s name
And declare all exploitation humanity’s shame



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