Days are like clouds

  • Days are like clouds!


    Days are like birds

    They said.

    I looked at the sky

    And waited, hoping

    My dear beloved days

    Will return to me,

    As do birds,

    To their nests in the evening.

    Days came Often, but were not the same

    I hugged them

    Like my dear ones

    But they responded not

    With the same warmth.

    I waited For warmer days.

    But soon the days grew hot

    Scorching questions

    From every directions were shot

    My emotions shriveled

    In the heat of indifference.

    I craved for the clouds,

    A little shade of understanding

    A drifting wave of sympathy

    A little drizzle of love!

    The clouds did come

    And touched my heart

    Dark silhouettes of My darling days!

    But how could I hold them?

    They were so soft

    So lovely, so sweet, but so aloft!

    They went past me

    Like flitting dreams

    With open eyes

    I saw them fly,

    My days, my clouds – my clouds, my days.

    • Dr.Hemendra Chandalia


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